Construction Process

Construction Process

Your home is your largest investment, and often a long term commitment. Proper care of your home will maintain its appearance and overall function, so it’s important that you are aware of the process and components that come together, that create your dream home.

Quality in construction means more than top grade materials. Quality is the result of a designer, builder and contractors all of whom are experienced In their profession, who come together to create a home that will last a lifetime.

Lazer Home Amenities include:

  • Cable lines in bedrooms, family room, game room and kitchen
  • Alarm wiring at all windows and doors
  • Outside of the home, Lazer Homes uses only American made brick which is has longer life and is more durable.

Our Warranty:

From the first year, the 1O-year warranty covers many items put into the home by the builder. The company’s customer service department is skilled at handling warranty requests quickly and efficiently.